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Our Vision

Notre Dame of Greater Manila is a leading community of
whole-person learning and evangelization
in the 21st century.

Our Mission

We nurture compassionate hearts and passionate minds
in the service of society.

Our Educational Principles

As a Catholic and Oblate school,
we lead people to experience and share
the love of God in Jesus Christ.
Mary is our model of evangelization.
St. Eugene de Mazenod is our inspiration
in serving the poor in their many faces.
As a basic education institution,
we empower our graduates towards
innovation, creativity, critical thinking,
technological proficiency, and global competency.
We foster character
that is ethical, disciplined, and respectful
of human dignity and creation.

Our Core Values

We strive to be honest and consistent in our words and deeds [Integrity].
We seek to honor the dignity of creation and of every person [Respect].
We love our work and the community we belong to [Commitment].
We exert our best efforts at continuously improving our abilities and methods[Competence].
We nourish our belief in God towards maturity[Faith].