Guidance and Testing Office

The Guidance and Testing Center assists the student in fulfilling his or her potential, negotiating the tasks of development, and solving special problems. The Guidance Office assists the student in developing his/her self-identity, free from distortion so that he can organize his/her own life in a manner that allows him/her to cope effectively with situations which life presents and to attain total self-actualization.

In connection with the aims and objectives of the school, the Guidance and Testing Program contributes to the student’s increasing understanding of himself/herself; his/her mental, emotional, social, moral and religious maturity, and his/her personal and social needs for development and achievement as a unique person and Christian citizen.


The general objectives of the Guidance Center are:

  1. To help carry out the responsibility of the school for the proper formation of the Christian mind and personality of each
  2. To render assistance in a manner that will develop virtues, especially those of responsibility and independence, in a
    student who is forming him/herself social, morally, vocationally, emotionally, and mentally;
  3. To help the individual lay a permanent foundation for sound and mature judgment; and
  4. To provide guidance in the gradual adjustments of students to new surroundings and to a new period of life with its
    many problems.

The specific objectives of the Guidance Center are:

  1. To give necessary knowledge and to utilize all the means for deciding upon a vocation, applying data and test results
    in counseling sessions to arrive at the selection of a vocation;
  2. To safeguard against the unjust treatment and dismissal of students;
  3. To help the teacher understand the capabilities and needs of the individual student and to coordinate with him/her so
    that he/she can make more effective judgment about the student’s work; and
  4. To provide the administration with information concerning educational strengths and weaknesses of a student, a class,
    or a year level.


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Placement and Follow-up
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Homeroom Guidance Program