Enrollment for S.Y. 2023-2024

For NEW STUDENTS & TRANSFEREES, kindly refer to the Admissions page for the requirements and procedures. 

For CURRENT DAMERS who wish to enroll for SY 2023-2024, kindly proceed with the steps below.

Step 1:

A Pre-Filled Online Registration Form will  be sent to your email address and your child’s Gsuite Account once Enrollment period officially opens.

Kindly check the details as follows:

  1.  If there are changes in the information, please update the Online Registration Form and click submit;
  2.  If there are NO changes in the information, click submit.

Step 2:

Wait for an email acknowledging the receipt of your Online Registration Form.  This email will contain the Assessment of Fees and Payment Advice. Assessed fees will also include previous unsettled accounts, if any.

Step 3:

Pay via partner banks/mobile wallets and send the whole screen shot or photo of your validated deposit/transaction slip/proof of payment with your child’s full name and grade level to the link provided.

Step 4:

Wait for an email confirming payment and enrollment of the student.


NOTE: Please make sure to follow ALL steps in the enrollment process.

DO NOT proceed with payment if you have not yet received the Payment Assessment email. Following the procedures will ensure that your child is properly re-enrolled and will provide an easy enrollment process for everyone involved.

Thank you and God bless!