Director’s Message

Welcome, Damer students, to your home away from home for this school year 2018-2019. We look forward to another enjoyable and fruitful year with you, in which we will learn and grow together to be passionate in mind and compassionate in heart.

Welcome, Damer parents and guardians, and thank you for entrusting your precious jewels to the loving care of Notre Dame of Greater Manila. It will be another year of collaboration in which we will be hand in hand in forming our children to be equipped with the best skills and character for their bright future.

Welcome, Damer faculty and staff, to our workplace where we exercise our mission of being disciples who are sent to proclaim the Gospel and to sow the seed of the Kingdom by sharing the love and peace of Christ. It will be another year of giving our best, all for the glory of God and Notre Dame.

May we be blessed with abundance in all our endeavors so that we can proudly “keep high our banner in the sky.”

School Director