The Research and Planning Office operates directly under the Office of the School Director. It was formerly the Research, Planning and Development Office, established in 1987 to assist in enriching NDGM’s educational program. This is done through the monitoring and evaluation of plans and the conducting of research programs as baseis for institutional polices, direction, and development.
As a result of the NDGM Job Evaluation Program of 2012, aligning the functions and responsibilities of the different offices, the Research and Publication Office now works towards five key result areas; Research Agenda, Academic Researches, Technical Support (in research), Coordination of the Implementation of Research Finding, and Publication/Presentation of Research Outputs.
In recognition of the lead role in NDGM’s planning process, the Research and Publication Office was renamed RESEARCH AND PLANNING OFFICE in 2014. Its major planning responsibilities are:
1. To Facilitate facilitate the drawing up of institutional strategic /operation plans for the school;
2. Monitor To monitor and evaluate the implementation of plans upon the approval of the Director; and
3. To cConsolidate outputs into year-end reports for presentation to the Board of Trustees.

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