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Good day,


We are pleased to inform you that the NDGM JHS and SHS sectors have scheduled the releasing of things inside the lockers and classroom. 


Please read the guidelines on the retrieval of things inside the locker and classroom below. 


Please be reminded that the following guidelines will be strictly implemented.

Junior and Senior High School SY 2019-2020

(RETRIEVAL OF THINGS INSIDE THE LOCKERS at the PE room for Varsity Players will be scheduled on a later date.)


      1. Only the parent/guardian of Registered Locker Users can retrieve the things inside the locker units.

      2. A parent/guardian should contact the parent/guardian of his/her child’s co-locker occupant to decide on the day they will retrieve the personal belongings with proper label/name tag inside the locker. They should retrieve the personal belongings on the same day and at the same time to avoid any problem with regard to security of valuable things inside the locker. (If the student is the sole occupant of the locker unit please disregard this guideline.)

NOTE: If the student cannot remember his/her co-locker occupant or if the parent/guardian is having difficulties contacting the parent/guardian of his/her child’s co-locker occupant, please email

The following are the dates  allotted per year level:

Grade Level during

SY 2019-2020

Dates (8:00am – 4:00pm, Lunch Break 12:00nn – 1:00pm)

Grade 7

December 6, 7, 9, 2021

Grade 8

December 10, 13, 14, 2021 

Grade 9

January 3, 4, 5, 2022

Grade 10

January 6, 7, 10, 2022

Grade 11

January 11, 12, 13, 2022

Grade 12

January 14, 17, 18, 2022

      To practice physical distancing ONLY 9 pairs of parents/guardians can be accommodated in an hour. Exact time of schedule per pair of parent/guardian will be included on the confirmation email. Scheduling will be based on the registration data (first 9 registrants will be scheduled first and so on and so forth ). Please make sure to be on time to avoid overcrowding.

      For those parents/guardians who have two or more children please include the needed information on the pre-registration google form if you want to retrieve the personal belongings of your children on the same day and time.

      3. In the event that the parent/guardian of the other locker occupant will not be able to come on the said date and time, he/she shall provide a signed authorization letter with scanned copy of valid ID to the other parent/guardian stating that he/she is allowing the him/her to retrieve the personal belongings without his/her presence. The scanned authorization letter and valid ID should be uploaded to the pre-registration google form. The school will not accommodate the request for retrieval without these documents. (If the student is the sole occupant of the locker unit please disregard this guideline.)

      4. NDGM will also release the student’s personal belongings inside the classrooms, provided that these have proper identification – student’s name written. 

                  Note: If and when items without identification, tag, or names are left and claimants insist ownership of the said items, they will still be able to retrieve them provided that claimant/s present a proof of ownership through pictures or videos using or wearing said items. All these items and the claimants will be taken a photo by the committee in-charge of releasing, will be recorded and the parents/ guardians who claimed them will sign the form. This is done to ensure that all the things claimed are properly accounted for.

      5. Students can retrieve musical instruments and other equipment brought inside the school campus by presenting the Gate Pass issued by the school.

      6. Pre-register using the link: 

                  Grade 7 SY 2019-2020:

                  Grade 8 SY 2019-2020:

                  Grade 9 SY 2019-2020:

                  Grade 10 SY 2019-2020:

                  Grade 11 SY 2019-2020:

                  Grade 12 SY 2019-2020:

Pre-registration is up to 11:00 AM of the day preceding the start/first day of the schedule of the year level. (Example: Pre-registration for Grade 7 is until 11:00 AM of December 5, 2021.)

NOTE: Only ONE pre-registration is needed for locker occupants who will retrieve the personal belongings together on the same day and time. 

      7. Parents/guardians need to identify the personal belongings to be retrieved from the locker/classroom and indicate them by filling out the pre-registration form. 

      8. a. Junior High School- parents/guardians should ensure that they know the locker combination of their child’s locker unit. In the event that the locker combination is incorrect, the lock would be “forced-open” which will incur a fee of Php 130.00 for the padlock replacement.  

          b. Senior High School -On the chosen day and time of retrieval, parent/guardian should ensure to bring the locker key  to be surrendered to the school personnel. Lost key costs Php 700.00 . (There is only one key per locker unit.)

      9. Wait for a confirmation of your pre-registration which will be sent through email before you go to school on your preferred schedule. Kindly provide us your active email address and contact numbers to facilitate communication (for further clarifications, if any) and to avoid difficulty or delays in sending confirmation of your pre-registration. 

      10. If parents/guardians of Senior High School students will allow them to get their things inside the locker on their own, a parent/guardian consent with an attached copy of the parents’ ID must be presented on the day of retrieval. 

      1.  Health and safety protocols will be implemented.

                 a.  The “No face mask; no entry” policy will be implemented. 

                 b.  Body temperature will be checked; those whose temperature is above 37.5  degrees Celsius  will not be allowed to enter the campus.

                 c.  Physical distancing ( at least 1 meter apart) will be strictly implemented.

      2.  The main gate at 12th Ave will be used for entrance and exit.

      3.  Parents/guardians are required to bring a valid ID for verification purposes.

      4.  The parents/guardians will be accompanied by a school personnel to retrieve the things inside the lockers.  

Parents/guardians must leave the campus immediately after getting their children’s belongings. 

Note: Failure to register on the given dates means they are allowing the school to take charge of the things that were left inside the locker and classroom. In that case, the items will be brought to the Community Extension Services Program Office  as donations.

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