The NDGM Senior High School promises the learners of an enduring learning experience through excellent quality education. We have a pool of expert faculty, industry practitioners, and nationally certified teachers. Our delivery of instruction is supported by modern facilities to meet the individual needs of the students, who, eventually will possess valued credentials for their future opportunities.

  • S  T  E  M

Science, Technology, Engineering, Math

prepares the SHS student for a science-related course in college by deepening the concepts in Math and Science through lessons in Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Calculus. It provides learners competence in Nursing and its related fields, Computer Disciplines, and Engineering domains.


  • A  B  M

Accounting, Business, Management

prepares the SHS student for a business course in college by introducing the basic subjects in Accountancy, Business, Management, Economics, Finance, Marketing, and Entrepreneurship.


  • H  u  m  S  S

Humanities and Social Sciences

provides an opportunity for the students to enter College of Arts and Literature, Communication, Politics, Psychology, Economics, and other related Social Sciences field of study.


  • G  A

General Academics

Provides an opportunity for the SHS student to combine Humanities and Social Science subjects with other fields by allowing them to choose electives from the different strands. The electives chosen by the learners are fundamental areas of disciplines and shall also serve as their path for future career.




I  C  T

Information and Communications Technology

provides students apt skills to be eligible for TESDA competency assessments (NCI, NCII, etc.) and eventually land a decent job.

Computer Programming, Animation, +ROBOTICS


H  E

Home Economics

provides skills through hands-on experiences in food preparation and presentation; skills gained become a qualification for a future profitable business engagement.

Cookery, Bread and Pastry, and Food and Beverages

Senior High School Requirements

For inquiries, please call the Registrar at 3666332 / 34 local 118 or the Senior High School Program Head at local 168

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