A  D  M  I  S  S  I  O  N


  1. Clear photocopies:

1.a    Report Card with LRN (F-138)

Grade 9 Final Report Card &

Grade 10 Report Card (1st or 2nd)

Please present the numerical equivalent if grades are in letters

1.b   NSO Birth Certificate

1.c   Baptismal Certificate

1.d   NCAE Certificate of Rating


  1.   General Average of 80% and above
  2.   Original copy of recent Medical Certificate
  3. Two ( 2 ) copies 1 x 1 recent ID pictures

(cut-out & computer-generated pictures are not accepted)

  1. One ( 1 )  long folder
  2. Entrance Examination Fee:  Php 500.00
  3. Reservation Fee: Php 1,000.00 – non-refundable (after passing the interview)


Additional Requirements for Foreign Student Applicant:

  • Clear photocopy of Passport (to present original copy for verification)
  • Clear photocopy of ACR Certificate/I-Card (to present original copy for verification)
  • Special Study Permit
  • Transcript of Records (F-137)
  • Report Card (F-138) with English Translation
  • Certificate of Recognition as a Filipino if with dual citizenship



IMPORTANT: Please submit the following documents upon enrollment


  • Grade 10 original 4th Qtr. Report Card (F-138)
  • Certificate of Junior High School Completion
  • Original copy of Good Moral Certificate
  • ESC Certification Letter from previous school (ESC Grantees only)

            QVR Certificate (Qualified Voucher Applicants only)  



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