A  D  M  I  S  S  I  O  N


1. Clear photocopies:

     1.a. report card (2nd 0r 3rd QTR. Please present the numerical equivalent if grades are in letters)

     1.b. NSO Birth Certificate

     1.c. Baptismal Certificate

2. General Average of 80% and above.

3. Original copy of recent medical certificate

4. Two (2) copies of recent 1×1 ID picture

5. One (1) long folder

Additional requirements for foreign students:

1. Clear photocopy of Passport (to present original copy for verification)

2. Clear photocopy of ACR certificate/1-Card (to present original copy for verification)

3. Special Study Permit

4. Transcript of Records (F-137)

5. Report card (F-138) with English translation

6. Certificate of Recognition as a Filipino if with dual citizenship

Important: The original 4th quarter Report Card ( Form-138) must be submitted upon enrolment.

Download Application Form:


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