1. Scholarship for First Year Applicants – Full scholarships for valedictorian and half scholarships for salutatorian.

      1. Certification – The applicant must present a letter of certification/recommendation from Principal of school where he/she graduated, attesting that he/she is the valedictorian or salutatorian, and
      2. Certification of the number of graduates – The applicant must present a letter of certification from the school where he/she graduated attesting that the number of graduates is not less two hundred fifty.


  1. Scholarship for Undergraduates – The High School awards the following academic scholarships to deserving students in the undergraduate level (Grades 7 , 8 and 9).
    1. A full free-tuition scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student who obtains the highest average in his/her respective level without a final average lower than 85% in all subjects.
    2. A half free-tuition fee scholarship is given to a student who gets the next highest average in his/her respective grade level with no final average lower than 85%.
    3. The School Conduct Grade Average of the candidate for scholarship must be 85% or above.
    4. The awardee must maintain his/her good deportment during ha entire school year that he/she is enjoying his/her scholarship; otherwise, he/she forfeits the award he/she be suspended for whatever cause.
    5. The scholarship award is determined by the grade level advisers and approved by the Principal.